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שלח דוא"ל

Yoshko Weiss
Agricultural Development
and Consulting

Yoshko Weiss's Agricultural Development and Consulting business is situated on Kibbutz Dalia, in the picturesque Hare' Menashe area, where he's been a valued member for over 50 years.

Yoshko conducts his business from his immaculately maintained small-holding on the kibbutz, simply known as "The Sunflower Farm". Here he dedicates his time to continued research and development on new breeds of sunflower.

He also travels throughout Israel, in a consulting capacity, sharing his expertise, born of years of hands on experience, to others in similar agricultural enterprises.

Yoshko, long married with three grown children, is now the proud grandfather of 6 lovely grandchildren after whom he now names his new sunflower breeds.

For information on the growing of sunflowers and the properties and advantages of Yoshko's breeds, please follow the links to the left. For further details, please E-mail, fax or write to the address given.

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